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Off the eaten path

Off the eaten path: La Tacopedia

When the owner is the one in the kitchen, you’re in for a treat. La Tacopedia is no exception.

Another culinary trip around the world

The restaurant Holiday offers an authentic culinary experience.

Off the eaten path: Bar y Restaurante Rio de Janeiro

Apart from its name and a mural inside featuring the namesake city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a very much Costa Rican establishment. It’s a traditional style cantina leftover from an older, simpler time. It's the kind of place I love to tuck into for some bocas and beers.

Off the eaten path: Holiday

Visiting Holiday is like stepping into a foreign land. I’m surprised they don’t ask for your passport at the door.

Off the eaten path: Pad Thai

At Pad Thai, everything is grounded down fresh. I’m talking all the curry paste, turmeric, galangal, basil and coriander; all ground with a mortar and pestle.

Off the eaten path: Bar La Selegna

Bar La Selegna has been run by the same family in Liberia since the 1970s. While the family has stayed the same, the name hasn’t. It started out as El Taconazo, then it became Discoteque Selegna, before finally adopting its current name: La Selegna.

Off the eaten path: Cantina X

You’ll find one of the best chifrijos in the country at the base of a mountain near Salitral in Santa Ana at a spot I will call  “Cantina X.”

Off the Costa Rica Beaten Path at the Soda Lima

To find Soda Lima, look for a yellow and red sign painted on a white wall that's shared with the neighboring Mini Super Feng. The sign is right beside a bookstore on Calle 2, between Avenida 6 and 8, and there's a glass display case full of yellow-orange Ají chilis that will let you know you've arrived at this authentic Peruvian diner.

Off the eaten path: Fritos Comida Coreana

If you’re walking on Calle 11 near Avenida Central, you might get a whiff of freshly cooked, spicy food. The source is easy to pinpoint, a Korean man behind a window toiling over five gas burners.

Off the eaten path: Coconut

Prepare to eat slowly and very, very well.

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