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Patacones: 5 Fascinating Facts About Costa Rica’s Beloved Plantain Dish

Mmm, patacones. So delicious. So full of surprising facts.

Happy Easter from Costa Rica!

Happy Easter from Costa Rica! 

Revisiting Costa Rica’s Awe-Inspiring Good Friday Procession

A preview of San José's Good Friday procession, with sights and sounds from last year's event.

Green Gifts from Nature: Plants that Heal and Nourish

Another year has come to an end, and it’s time to celebrate and give thanks. Here are a few suggestions for your Costa Rica...

Officer Assaulted with Machete in Costa Rican Smuggling Bust

A high-speed car chase of suspected human smugglers ended in violence early Tuesday morning after the wife of the driver attacked police officers with...

Costa Rica Capital Named Among World’s Fastest Rising Cities For Cost of Living

The Costa Rican capital of San José has been flagged as one of the global cities with the most rapidly increasing cost of living...

Costa Rica Says It Cannot Protect Hammerhead Sharks

Costa Rica’s fishing and aquaculture agency this week moved to temper a court ruling aimed at eliminating hammerhead shark bycatch, arguing key elements prove...

Costa Rica’s Festive New Year Traditions in the Pura Vida Spirit

Costa Rican's love a holiday like everyone else, so New Year's is certainly no different. The season of celebrating continues throughout the holidays rolling...

Ojalá: A Costa Rican Sense of Luck for the New Year

As the clock strikes midnight and the fireworks light up the night sky, thousands of Costa Rican families will have prepared for the rituals...

What is the El Tope Parade in Costa Rica?

El Tope is a traditional Costa Rican festival celebrating their history and culture. It is an equestrian parade that is often part of local...

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