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At the Tico Times we value citizen journalism – which is why we’ve worked so hard to build a platform that incentivizes high quality articles that people will want to read. Unlike most news outlets where it’s often difficult to see the benefits of being a citizen journalist or blogger, our tiered compensation model provides a path for all contributors to compensated for their hard work. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us in our endeavor to bring a sense of ownership back to the world of citizen journalism.

Guest Contributions

Whether you’re looking to get into the field of freelance journalism, or you want to become a staff writer for of one of Central America’s leading publications – everyone has to start somewhere. For most of us, our path began with a single action. It may have been that you were interviewed for a news piece – or that you wrote an op-ed, but we all started somewhere. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get to the top – or just want to try your hand at freelance journalism fill out the form below and one of our editors will get back to you with more information.

This form is intended for those looking for a Paid Freelance writing position, this form is not for those looking to submit a guest or sponsored post. If your intention is to share your own site or links, you’re in the wrong place.


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Should you be offered a writing contract, This is the email address that you will receive payments via paypal. We do not use ANY other form of payment.
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