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The Tico Times, founded in 1956, is a source of independent, unique and quality journalism in Costa Rica and Central America. We connect communities and cultures throughout Costa Rica, as well as people around the world who are interested in our country and region. We are working to build a sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible media organization. We do this by:

  • Training the next generation of fact-driven journalists in Costa Rica
  • Documenting Costa Rican cultures and history with an eye on the future
  • Promoting and showcasing solutions to Costa Rica’s challenges
  • Serving as a meeting place for Central American and international journalists
  • Amplifying the voices of outstanding journalists throughout Central America


The Tico Times was founded in Costa Rica in 1956 by Elisabeth Dyer and a group of students at the international Lincoln School. We offer a unique perspective on the news in Costa Rica and the world. The Tico Times established itself as the leading source of English-language news in the region, first as a weekly print newspaper, and later as a online-only publication.

In 2018, The Tico Times returned to print with a quarterly print edition distributed nationwide; pioneered Costa Rica’s first-ever use of 360 video in electoral coverage; launched a news show, Tico Times Weekly Digest, and a podcast, The Tico Times Digest; and began working with a team of talented young journalists and interns from Central America and around the world to create in-depth coverage of communities outside the Central Valley. The Tico Times’ content is free: our business is supported by advertising and reader donation (support our work here).

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