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The Tico Times has been telling Costa Rica’s stories since 1956. We’ve faced down challenge after challenge over the past 15 years, but somehow this little paper just won’t quit. Today our team and freelance community is more motivated and diverse than ever: we’re Costa Ricans, North Americans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Europeans, and others, all united by our love for Costa Rica and for journalism that makes a difference.

We hope to keep bringing you independent news for years to come, but we need your help. Donations from readers like you will allow us to bring you all the multimedia stories and resources you want to see, while keeping our coverage free for the 100,000 people who read The Tico Times each month. Did you know that if just five percent of our readers donate we will cover our operating costs and be able to

  • Launch new projects

  • Expand our coverage of urgent issues that aren’t being fully explored

  • Report from communities that don’t always get a voice

  • Coverage of environmental issues such as saving the Rainforest and Overfishing

Thousands of people like you help us stand up for the the small local news organizations. We partly rely on donations to carry out our mission to help inform everyone about what is happening in Costa Rica.  Read more about how your support can make a difference in Costa Rica. If you’re a business owner, remember that you can support us while also connecting your business with more than 100,000 readers who love traveling and living in Costa Rica.  Learn more about advertising with us!

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You pledge to support Tico Times with a monthly donation. This donation amount will be charged now and that same amount every month. Your donation will renew automatically each year unless you reach out and say you no longer wish to be a monthly donor. If you no longer wish to be a monthly donor, you can cancel at any time. Your commitment keeps small local news alive, and your monthly donation directly supports the Tico Times, Local News and Costa Rica.

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