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A look back at Pocho the crocodile funeral

In this Throwback Thursday we look back at one of the world's most beloved crocodiles, Pocho.

Was 2022 a Bad Year? Try a little Costa Rican Magic for a Lucky 2023

An old Tico belief holds that whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 12 on Dec. 31 will characterize your year to come.

What is the El Tope Parade in Costa Rica?

El Tope is a traditional Costa Rican festival celebrating their history and culture. It is an equestrian parade that is often part of local...

The Perfect Costa Rican Christmas in 10 Easy Steps

Our guide to the definitive Costa Rican Christmas.

Tamales in Costa Rica – A Christmas Tradition

Tamales go deep in Costa Rican culture and they are one of the most accessible ways to tap into your inner Tico, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Future Integrity Of Costa Rica Hydroelectric Dam: “Unforseeable”

International experts are being sought to address an ongoing issue at the Reventezon hydroelectric plant. The Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE), the state owned...

1621 Was Not the First Time Thanksgiving was Celebrated

Those of us from the United States might think we hold the patent on the concept of Thanksgiving. Indeed, the November observance is one...

America’s Greatest Gift: A Costa Rica Thanksgiving Story

Wondering where I was going to get the pan drippings for the gravy and mashed potatoes I agreed to make for an expat Thanksgiving...

Tico Times Donates Improvements for La Carpio Playground

If you were in business school anywhere in the world, the idea of having an English language newspaper/media company in a Central America country...

Gisele Bündchen Enjoys Costa Rica Vacation Following Brady Divorce

Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bündchen was spotted enjoying a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica after some tough weeks following her divorce from NFL superstar Tom...

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