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Off the eaten path

Off the eaten path: Lidia’s Place

Lidia's Place has turned into a must-stop in Puerto Viejo.

Off the eaten path: The best of 2018

We debuted a lot of things in 2018 and one of our favorites was our new dining and nightlife column “Off the Eaten Path.”

Off the eaten path: Tamura

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, a world-class sushi city and so I can confidently claim to know the difference between the real deal and the not-so-authentic. With that in mind, I’m just going to go right out and say it: if this isn’t the best sushi in Costa Rica, it’s definitely the best affordable sushi in Costa Rica.

Off the eaten path: Al Masri Cocina Egipcia

Admittedly I have never eaten Egyptian food, so I have no reference point for good Egyption food. But I do know food, and the food at Al Masri is good. I’m pretty sure it’s authentic too since the owner, Mohammed Hussien, only moved to Costa Rica from his native Egypt six years ago.

Off the eaten path: Villa Oro

I must have driven passed Villa Oro a thousand times before I finally went in. Every time I passed the “Comida Taiwanesa” sign out front, my curiosity grew, until I finally gave it a try.

Off the eaten path: Wong’s

Just up the street from the Jade Museum in San José, there’s a Chinese-style roof displaying a large gold and red sign with a glaring typo: there’s no “t” at the end of the word “restaurant.”

Off the eaten path: The Escazú Farmers Market

Prices here will definitely beat the usual grocery store options, so stock up!

The history of chifrijo

Have you ever wondered, how the chifrijo was invented?

Off the eaten path: Cordero’s Bar

I’ve already highlighted what I think are the top three chifrijos in Costa Rica. Doing so was one of my first orders of business when I started this column.

Off the eaten path: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is well-known and might not be as “off the eaten path” as some of the other restaurants I review, but it was back when I reviewed it for my high school newspaper back in 2005.

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