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Costa Rica celebrates 74 years without an army

Costa Rica on Monday is celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the abolition of its army.

Costa Rica History: An Ancient Indigenous Uprising

For a unique look into Costa Rica's past, you can't do much better than the 1913 book, "History of the discovery and conquest of...

La Romería in Costa Rica: From 1635 to Now

On the morning of Aug. 2, 1635, a young indigenous girl named Juana Pereira went to collect firewood as she did every morning. She...

Coffee Photography: An Old Costa Rican Coffee Plantation

This early 1900s photo shows a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. The photo was published as part of a 1914 five-volume encyclopedia called "The...

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica : A fight to preserve culture

More than a century of racist laws and policies helped shape Limón. Communities and their distinctive cultures were forged through hardships often condoned by the Costa Rican government. But now the province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism hopes to turn the region into “a new Cancún,”

Costa Rica Travel: A Waterfall Hike through the Mountains

Cerro Dantas is a private reserve so removed from the city that the only noises at night are the wind and the calls of mysterious animals.

How to: Driver’s Licenses in Costa Rica

The Tico Times has experience with some of the less publicized aspects of living in Costa Rica: the laws, the social intricacies and the cultural norms beyond learning to say, “Pura Vida, mae.”

Costa Rica vaccine QR code suspended: Next steps by Thursday

The Costa Rican government on Monday confirmed that a court has suspended implementation of a QR code-based Covid-19 vaccine passport. “Monday afternoon, notification of...

AstraZeneca completes Costa Rica vaccine shipments

AstraZeneca on Sunday delivered 256,200 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Costa Rica, completing the contracted amount between the pharmaceutical and the Central American country. Costa Rica...

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