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Year in Review: Our most-read stories of 2018

From elections to protests to immigration, 2018 was a newsworthy year in Costa Rica and the region.

The Tico Times kept you informed throughout all of the year’s biggest news. Thank you for reading and supporting independent journalism in Costa Rica.

Here are some of our most-read stories of the year:

Carlos Alvarado: Novelist, musician and presidential candidate in Costa Rica

Our chat with Epsy Campbell, Costa Rica’s vice president elect

Through adaptive surfing disabled athletes conquer Costa Rica’s waves

Almost all of Costa Rica’s energy has come from renewable sources since 2014

Fleeing violence, Nicaraguans seek safety in Costa Rica

We want them alive: Costa Rica’s reckoning

On two coasts, communities mourn tourists deaths in Costa Rica

Former Costa Rican presidents and political figures come out in support of same sex marriage

Cats march through streets, rats scared, milk supply runs low

Costa Rica’s ongoing strike hits tourism industry hard

Surfing in Costa Rica: Secrets from a local surfer

How to love bees and save the world: Puerto Viejo couple teach the importance of bees

Fleeing Nicaragua: The escape

Heavy rains lead to mass floods in the Pacific

Off the eaten path: Pad Thai

Jaguars in danger: Building pathways for wild cats to protect a Costa Rican symbol

Dreamlike, diverse and grappling with change, our Santa Teresa Deep Dive

Thank you for reading The Tico Times in 2018. We work hard to keep our reporting independent and groundbreaking, and we need your help. The Tico Times is partly funded by you and every little bit helps.

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