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Startled researchers discover Costa Rica is, in fact, an island

A team of researchers from the University of Costa Rica has made a stunning discovery.

Native animals return to Costa Rica as coronavirus forces humans indoors

Something extraordinary is happening in Costa Rica.

Cat’s out of the bag: Feline evades eight prison guards

This story is too purr-fect to ignore. 

Despite reports, Costa Rica continues to not be an island

Despite recent reports to the contrary, The Tico Times has confirmed that Costa Rica is not an island. This news contradicts a chyron displayed on...

Earthquake in Costa Rica was ‘un despiche total,’ Tico says

The Cartago resident's dramatic report gave us all the chance to share a laugh. 

Costa Rica wins prestigious award for road quality

Costa Rica has won the Global Road Achievement Award, awarded annually by the International Road Federation (IRF).

Best press release ever? Uber finds 10 Tico names that include the company’s name

The Tico Times gets a lot of press releases from PR firms. A lot. Some are interesting, some are downright bland, but every now and then we get one that makes us laugh.

6 tweets that prove Costa Rica can find humor in anything – even an earthquake

What we might call "gallows humor" in English is a fine art in Costa Rica, and earthquakes put this on display.

Costa Rica meme makers, we applaud you

While there weren't as many major political scandals in Costa Rica in 2015 as in years past, there still was plenty of material for Ticos to do what they seem to do best – celebrate the absurd with satire and memes made viral on social media.

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