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Costa Rica proposes new bill to regulate and tax Uber

The Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday introduced a new bill that seeks to regulate ride-sharing platforms such as Uber. 

President Alvarado agrees: Time for ‘balanced regulation’ of Uber in Costa Rica

Taxi drivers' discontent about Uber in Costa Rica has persisted since the platform was first introduced here in August 2015.

Costa Rican taxi drivers strike (again) against Uber

Alajuela — As Uber drivers in the United States and around the world went on strike Wednesday to object against the platform's wages and working...

Costa Rica proposes law to legalize (and tax) ride-hailing app Uber

Uber would be subject to a value-added tax of 13 percent.

Uber drivers protest in San José

Dozens of Uber drivers protested in Costa Rica on Tuesday and blocked the traffic demanding the right to work, in the midst of police operations that prevent them from providing their service.

Best press release ever? Uber finds 10 Tico names that include the company’s name

The Tico Times gets a lot of press releases from PR firms. A lot. Some are interesting, some are downright bland, but every now and then we get one that makes us laugh.

Government interfering in Uber taxi services now?

President Luis Guillermo Solís seeks to enforce the Public Transport Law to prevent illegal taxi services by Uber. The Costa Rican government published 5 new...

Taxi drivers to stage nationwide protest against Uber on Tuesday

Nearly one year after Uber started up in Costa Rica, the ride-hailing service has some 7,000 drivers and 225,000 registered users.

Taxi drivers to stage another demonstration against Uber

Members of the Union of Costa Rican Taxi Drivers will march Wednesday to demand that courts block the ride-hailing app Uber in Costa Rica.

Uber Costa Rica drops fares 20 percent and some drivers aren’t happy

The ride-hailing company says the fare drop will benefit drivers by spurring greater demand, but several chauffeurs complain that the price gouge comes as many have been struggling to cover their expenses.
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