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Cat’s out of the bag: Feline evades eight prison guards

At The Tico Times, we don’t usually report on everyday crime, but this story is too purr-fect to ignore.

According to the daily La Nación, eight prison guards at La Reforma prison in San Rafael de Alajuela spent five hours Thursday chasing a cat that was apparently transporting two cell phones, three SIM cards and a charger.

“On the first attempt, the police failed because the cat slipped into the canyon of the Virilla River,” the story reads. “From that moment, the troops were after the animal, and it was not until 10:30 p.m. that they managed to catch him in a sewer.”

The prison guards successfully confiscated the cat’s contraband, but the furry feline wasn’t done.

The police placed the cat in a sack — a rhyme worthy of Dr. Seuss — and went looking for a cage. Before they could find one, the cat escaped and ran off into the night.

That’s all for meow! We’ll report back on any updates.


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