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Startled researchers discover Costa Rica is, in fact, an island

A team of researchers from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) has made a stunning discovery: Costa Rica is, in fact, an island.

A previously uncharted network of rivers and lakes comprises the entirety of Costa Rica’s borders with Nicaragua and Panama.

“To be quite honest, we had never bothered to check before,” said Rodolfo Villegas, lead researcher at UCR’s School of Geology. “We always assumed people were confusing us with Puerto Rico when they called Costa Rica an island.”

UCR began its investigation after receiving a number of tips: first from Fox News, then from USA Today, and finally from a bachelorette party that posted a series of Instagram photos from Manuel Antonio with the hashtag #IslandLife.

As it turns out, much like when Google Maps reportedly contributed to a Nicaraguan invasion of Costa Rica in 2010, mapmakers everywhere have again made a grave mistake with the Central American country’s borders.

U.S. officials were reportedly contacting the Panamanian government seeking a refund on a lightly used canal.

This fictional story is an April Fools’ joke. We hope it made you smile during these difficult times.

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