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Stress-related dental problems rising due to COVID: More patients choose Costa Rica dental tourism

Every year, tens of thousands of American and Canadian patients make their way to Costa Rica to take advantage of affordable dental care.

Costa Rica dental tourism discounts for March and April 2021

Promotions for accredited dental clinics that are recognized as preferred dental tourism clinics in Costa Rica, using FDA-approved materials.

Are your dental implants FDA approved?

Every month, thousands of Americans and Canadians choose Costa Rica for affordable dental care.

COVID testing for Costa Rica dental tourism patients

Are you an American planning a trip to Costa Rica for dental care? If so, please remember to schedule some extra time for a COVID test before your return to the United States.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism is alive and well: 2021 discounts & promotions

Costa Rica dental tourism clinics that were closed during much of 2020 due to COVID-19, are now once again bustling as new patients fill their chairs.   

Goodness Dental launches Goodness House: Luxury private villa patient accommodations

Goodness Dental has set a new high bar for excellence in the dental tourism industry with Goodness House, a stunning villa home featuring deluxe accommodations.
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Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Costa Rica Unlocks Caribbean Getaways with Bocas Flights

In an effort to enhance travel accessibility between Costa Rica and the picturesque Caribbean destination of Bocas del Toro in Panama, Sansa, a prominent...

Costa Rican Company Biotech Develops Natural Pest Control for Farmers

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently revealed that pioneering Costa Rican company, BioTech, is developing groundbreaking natural alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides and...

Army Vets Find Costa Rica Retirement Bliss

The following story began fifty years ago in April, 1974, when a young couple left their first military assignment, the Panama Canal Zone, for...

Costa Rica’s Rising Costs Deter Tourists

Costa Rica has become a costly destination, evident when compared to neighboring countries like Colombia and Mexico. "We are seeing that tourists resent and complain...