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Dental Care Costa Rica and Pacuare Outdoor Center: Prime Dental Tourism

Located in the hills of Turrialba lie Dental Care Costa Rica and Pacuare Outdoor Center; together, they offer exceptional dental care and a marvelous experience for those seeking high-quality services at affordable prices.

Dr. Ana María Alban and her husband, Tom Rainieri, established both places to give foreigners first-class service while making them feel at home and giving them the attention they deserve after their treatments.

Dental Care Costa Rica is a clinic run by Dr. Ana María Alban, an experienced Dental Surgeon who offers extraordinary treatments at affordable prices. Dr. Alban counts on a professional, skilled, service-minded team whose client’s well-being is the top priority.

“We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. From the time you arrive until the time you leave, you are part of the family, literally,” assured Dr. Alban and her team.

There won’t be a language barrier, as the doctors at the clinic are fully bilingual and can explain all treatments simply and clearly.

For Dr. Ana Alban, personalized care is of utmost importance; therefore, each procedure is designed according to each patient’s needs.

In fact, before the visit, Dr. Ana Maria and her team will schedule a videocall in which they will outline and explain the details of any processes or procedures selected. She will also address any questions to guarantee the patient’s peace of mind before beginning the journey.

  • Dental Care Costa Rica’s services include:
  • General Cleaning starts at $85.00
  • Cavity Filling starts at $75.00
  • Root Canal starts at $350.00
  • Crowns & Bridges starts at $600.00
  • Implants start at $2400.00 per tooth
  • Dentures start at $500

In addition to the fully individualized treatments, having a fully experienced and accredited doctor, one of the top-rated dental surgeons and sought-after, and an office equipped with the newest and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Alban’s care doesn’t stop there.

The service begins from the moment you arrive in Costa Rica. A private driver will be waiting at the airport and will take you to the cabin, where you can relax just like in the comfort of your own home. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Ana and her team to review the scheduled treatment. So, from the moment you touch Costa Rican ground, you won’t have to worry about a single thing, everything will be taken care of, and you will be at ease. Your only task will be following the clinic’s post-care recommendations and enjoying the breathtaking scenery the country possesses.

Cabins are strategically located near the doctor’s house. Dr. Ana María will be available 24/7 if there are any issues or unexpected inconveniences. Patient care is a priority for her and her team; thus, they will always be attentive and make sure all visitors feel as comfortable as possible.

Each room was built to allow tourists to enjoy the majestic views of Turrialba, the peacefulness of nature, and amenities that facilitate patient recovery. They have private living quarters with hot water and showers, astonishing views, and food prepared in accordance with each treatment.

Dental Care Costa Rica and Pacuare Outdoor Center are loved by those who have booked treatments with them.

“Simply the best service from start to finish. I could not have asked for a better setup. I was treated like a queen from the time I arrived in Costa Rica until my departure Dra Ana and her team take care of you like family. Not only do I recommend this for saving money, but I recommend it for experiencing Costa Rica,” one of the guests mentioned.

Also, if you’re looking to stay a little bit longer, the Pacuare Outdoor Center has a wide range of tours and activities that will allow you to live the ‘Pura Vida’ experience.

The Center focuses on conservation efforts to protect the Pacuare River basin. Its business model contemplates involving the community and fostering development through social projects.

Pacuare Outdoor Center offers vacation packages depending on each person’s desired stay. There are 3-Day-Adventure bundles that include Raft + Zipline, a 2-Day Pacuare Rafting Trip, Surf Academy, a 4-day vacation with canyoneering, rafting, ziplining, lodging, and meals. Nevertheless, each tourist can book a custom itinerary created by tourism experts who work at the Center.

Adventure tourism is thrilling, fun, and the experience of a lifetime. However, it should always be done under the company and supervision of professionals, abiding by the highest levels of safety. The Pacuare Outdoor Center currently complies with strict safety protocols and is recognized by the International Rafting Federation.

At Dental Care Costa Rica and Pacuare Outdoor Center, it is possible to access dental care with excellent professionals and great service while paying reasonable prices. They have their doors open for foreigners and will welcome anyone who is seeking superb services and the wonderful experience of immersing in Costa Rica’s lush natural paradise.

For further information visit:

Call (305) 680-1821 or email .

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