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4 great reasons to travel to Costa Rica for dental care

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably considering traveling to Costa Rica for dental care. Here are four really great reasons to help you take the first step toward a brand new smile in Costa Rica.

1. Save 50% to 70% on dental care

Let’s start with the obvious. Dental care in Costa Rica is much cheaper than in the United States. It just is. Even when you take into account the cost of the plane and the hotel, patients generally save 50% or more on the cost of their treatments. Obviously, the more complex and comprehensive the procedure, the bigger the savings. You can save even more money if you travel with friends or family members who also need dental work.

Dental care has become more and more expensive in the United States. Even people with dental insurance often find themselves unable to afford the high cost of treatment at home. Many savvy patients seek treatment in Costa Rica instead. Specialized dental tourism clinics in Costa Rica can help by allowing you to get the care you need immediately and avoid even more serious dental and costly issues in the future. The best clinics help with travel preparations and even include local transfers to your hotel or B&B.

2. The quality of dental care in Costa Rica

Before you consider price, you have to consider quality. You don’t want to have anything less than the best care, quality, equipment and technology when it comes to your dental care. You’ll be glad to know that Costa Rica’s public and private sectors have invested heavily in dental and medical training and services to meet the growing demand from international patients. Dental clinics and laboratories have the latest in equipment and dental materials. Likewise, Costa Rican dentists are constantly updating their techniques to match their knowledge with that of their U.S. counterparts. Goodness Dental in Escazú, a suburb of San José, is ranked by Global Clinic Rating as one of the top five dental clinics in the world. ranks Goodness Dental as the best dental clinic in Costa Rica.

3. You don’t need to speak Spanish

There are plenty of Costa Rican dentists who speak English fluently. Because of this, you’ll be able to express any concerns or ask any questions regarding your condition and treatment in your own language without worry. Also, many hotels and other services in Costa Rica have trained English-speaking staff members.

4. A tropical paradise is a great place to recover

Many Americans decide to take advantage of their dental trip to enjoy a few days of vacation in the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica. Whether it is resting by the beach, visiting the colonial cities, or enjoying the local restaurants and shops, there is no shortage of relaxing activities in Costa Rica. Goodness Dental recommends charming local bed and breakfast destinations like Vista Canyon Inn to truly enjoy the best of Costa Rican hospitality with all of the comforts of home.

If you want to explore Costa Rica, it may be best to do any vacationing before your dental treatment. If you are planning to receive dental implants or another dental surgery, you will want to rest and recover for a couple of days after surgery.

There are scores of good dental clinics in Costa Rica, but Goodness Dental stands out as one of the best. Dr. Clyde Waggoner, past president of the Colorado Oral and Maxillofacial Association recently joined the Goodness Dental team as Director of Patient Services. In a recent post, Dr. Clyde noted, “If anyone needs extensive dental care, Goodness Dental in Costa Rica is the place to go. I would never allow my name to be associated with anything but the absolute best.  I can assure anyone looking for extensive dental care that this is equal to or better than 95% of what I have experienced in the USA as a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.”

If you are considering dental care in Costa Rica, please contact Dr. Clyde Waggoner at

You may also contact one of the other talented and experienced patient coordinators at Goodness Dental for a free consultation and treatment estimate.


This story was sponsored by Getaway Dental.

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