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Costa Rica wildlife

Costa Rica’s Famous Crocodiles and the Rio Tarcoles Bridge

Costa Rica’s Rio Tarcoles is most well known for what resides within its waters.  Attracting eager onlookers year-round, many hope to catch an exciting...

7 Latin American primate species among the 25 most endangered in the world

7 Latin American primate species, which inhabit Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and one that extends from Mexico to Colombia, are among the most endangered...

Wetlands destruction driving ‘sensitive’ dragonflies to brink

The destruction of wetlands is driving a decline of dragonflies around the world, with one sixth of species of the magnificently colourful insects threatened...

Costa Rica creates new biological reserve

As part of National Parks Day celebrations, Costa Rica created a new biological reserve.

Official: The sloth is Costa Rica’s newest national symbol

The two- and three-toed sloth have officially become national symbols of Costa Rica.

Some baby bats babble like human infants, scientists find in Costa Rica

The babbling of 20 baby bats was recorded in Costa Rica and Panama between 2015 and 2016
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U.S.-Backed Anti-Drug Coalitions Launched in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will use the strategy of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) in several districts across the country. This approach has been successfully...

Guatemalan Mayans Commemorate Five Centuries of Resistance

With a walk, ceremonies, dances, music, and a demonstration of the ancestral ball game, indigenous people commemorate this Saturday in a Mayan village in...

Costa Rica Ministers Push for Mining Code Reform Amid Environmental Concerns

Costa Rica President Rodrigo Chaves and several ministers met yesterday with deputies from various political parties to discuss mining in Crucitas. The government seeks...