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Wild Wednesday: Lupita the peccary

Every other Wednesday, we publish a short story from the perspective of an animal at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Wild Wednesday: Jungle animals as pets is ‘just not right’

Every other Wednesday, we feature a short story courtesy of Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Wild Wednesday: Ome on the road to recovery

I was brought to Sibu with serious injuries from a dog attack. The attack caused me to have a  perforated chest, collapsed lung and...

Letter to the Editor: Monteverde Community Fund creating local opportunities

Costa Rican gems like Santa Elena and Monteverde must create spaces for the people in their communities, not just attractions for their tourists.

Wild Wednesday: Georgie getting stronger

SIBU’s mission is to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them immediate medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild.

Wild Wednesday: Cleo’s recovery

Hola. My name is Cleo and I came to Sibu Sanctuary in June of this year. I was approximately 2 months old and weighed...
Costa Rica Travel Insurance
Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Costa Rica’s Sloths Take Center Stage on “60 Minutes”

This Sunday, CBS's legendary news magazine "60 Minutes" launches its remarkable 56th season at 7:30 p.m. ET with a special focus on the lush...

Gisele Bündchen: Finding Peace in Costa Rica

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen recently spoke to CBS’ correspondent Lee Cowan, whom she invited to her home in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. During the interview, Bündchen...

Starlink Cleared for Costa Rica Launch, Bridging Digital Divide

Starlink, the groundbreaking satellite Internet service birthed by tech expert Elon Musk, has been greenlit to operate in Costa Rica by the Superintendence of...

Air France-KLM Group Expands Service to Costa Rica

Starting December 4, Air France will operate a daily flight between San José's Juan Santamaría International Airport and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Meanwhile, KLM will...