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Disfigured Costa Rican toucan stars in Discovery documentary

A new Discovery Networks documentary tells the story of the Costa Rican toucan whose savagely mutilated beak was replaced with a prosthetic one, and how it inspired a nation to push for better treatment of animals.

New cases of animal abuse spark criticism of President Solís, lawmakers

Several recent cases of dog abuse, including that of Duke, who suffered major damage to his muzzle in an apparent machete attack, have renewed calls for harsher punishment for those who maim or kill animals.

Signature collection for animal welfare bill referendum set for July

Animal rights groups in July will begin collecting signatures across the country to approve a referendum in which citizens would vote on an animal welfare bill imposing stricter sanctions for animal cruelty.

Lawmakers, citizen groups keep up fight for animal welfare bill

A bill that seeks to establish prison time for animal abuse faces an uncertain future after several lawmakers filibustered voting on the law last week by filing over 70 motions against it.

Animal rights activists protest against Tico-style bullfights

Dozens of animal rights activists gathered during the opening of the Zapote festival, east of San José, to protest against one of the celebration’s main event: Tico-style bullfights.

Animal abuse reports on the rise

With just over two weeks left of the year, reports of animal abuse have already surpassed by 15 percent those recorded last year, the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) reported Friday.
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Latin American Fintech Sector Explodes with 340% Growth in Six Years

The Fintech sector, comprised of companies that use technology for financial services, grew 340% between 2017 and 2023 in Latin America and the Caribbean,...

Former Costa Rican Presidents Unite Against Democracy Criticism

Former Presidents of Costa Rica published a letter opposing statements made by President Rodrigo Chaves, in which he claimed that the country was a...

Costa Rica and Honduras Join Forces to Revive Stagnant SICA

The President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, and his Honduran counterpart, Xiomara Castro, agreed in San José to "reactivate" the Central American Integration System...