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How to find a maxillofacial surgeon in Costa Rica

Finding the right maxillofacial surgeon in Costa Rica isn’t difficult, and the Costa Rica Dental Guide’s Free Referral system is the best place to start.

Free Costa Rica dental tourism e-book

When you add affordable dental care to the mix, Costa Rica becomes an unbeatable dental tourism destination.

Discounted prices on dental implants in Costa Rica through July 2020

The economic paralysis that faces Costa Rica is creating an opportunity for Costa Rican citizens and residents to benefit from lower prices on dental care at the top dental clinics in the nation.

Costa Rica dental tourism clinic ranked among best in the world

The quality of dental care found in Costa Rica, paired with the nation’s reputation as a tropical paradise, has launched Costa Rica as a premier dental tourism haven.

Lower dental care prices in Costa Rica: May through July 2020

Goodness Dental has negotiated lower rates from dental labs, specialists and vendors to offer lower rates to American and Canadian expatriates living in Costa Rica as well as Costa Rican citizens.

Maxillofacial surgery in Costa Rica: How 3D computer tomography improves zygomatic implant procedures

The price for zygomatic dental implants is fifty percent less in Costa Rica.  

Choosing a dental crown in Costa Rica

The beauty of Costa Rica is that you’ll pay a lot less for both the root canal surgery and crown than you would for just the crown itself in the United States.

Loving your Costa Rica dental veneers

Dental veneers in Costa Rica are an excellent cosmetic option at prices that are often 70 percent less than in the United States.

The process for getting dental implants in Costa Rica

Getaway Dental is one of the leading affordable dental implant clinics in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica dental prices: How much does dental care cost in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular dental tourism destinations. Here is a Costa Rica dental prices comparison chart.

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