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Growing the ‘Food of the Gods’ in Costa Rica: Cacao and Chocolate

HOME GARDENING: Tropical home gardeners have the luxury of being able to grow their own cacao and make their own chocolate

Chocolate: The Treasure of Costa Rica and the Americas

Before there was coffee, there was cacao. Before there were coffee breaks, there was the chocolate hour. And before Costa Rica had coins, cacao...

How to grow cacao: Chocolate, the Costa Rica ‘food of the gods’

HOME GARDENING: Tropical home gardeners have the luxury of being able to grow their own cacao and make their own chocolate

Chocolate in Costa Rica: A journey through history From San José

Botánica Chocolate leads guests through a rich tour of cacao's many forms and purposes.

Coffee expo showcases ‘vandola,’ the Costa Rican coffee pour-over brewer

“It’s a great way for those involved in the Costa Rican coffee industry to meet one another and learn more about coffee.”

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival is rising star in artisanal food movement

Spice-laden chocolate bars, whisky-filled truffles and raw cacao drinks filled the tables at the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival this weekend. Hopeful attendants for the festival’s popular liquor and chocolate pairing called in favors and waited in long lines with the enthusiasm of super-fans trying to snag tickets to a sold-out concert.

San José’s Feria de Chocolate highlights growth in Costa Rican chocolate industry

This weekend Costa Rican chocolate will be front and center as the Antigua Aduana in San José hosts the first Feria de Chocolate.

For its 15th birthday, coffee/souvenir giant Britt Shops hopes to bank $150 million

Britt Shops, the mega-successful coffee/chocolate/souvenir airport gift store born in Costa Rica, celebrates its 15th anniversary. Today there are 137 stores, almost all in Latin American and the Caribbean, with 57 in Costa Rica alone.

‘Stop eating Nutella’ urges French environment minister

PARIS – France's environment minister, Segolene Royal, has rankled the company that makes Nutella by urging the public to stop eating its irresistible chocolate hazelnut spread, saying it contributes to deforestation.

Delicious take-aways from the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival

Confirming what we already knew, last weekend's Puerto Viejo Chocolate festival proved that chocolate goes well with everything.

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