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Beating Inflation in Costa Rica by Gardening

HOME GARDENING: Starting a home garden is easy in the tropics, and can cut grocery bills in half.

3 Ways to Beat the Bugs in Costa Rica

DIY IN THE TROPICS: You can never fully escape the creepy crawlies of Costa Rica, but mixing a few non-toxic potions can help.

Sweet Potatoes: A Tropical Costa Rica Garden Super Star

HOME GARDENING: Next time you are in the super market, consider the sweet potato.

Composting in Costa Rica: 3 Simple Steps Help Turn Red Clay to Fertile Soil

It is a common question from both Costa Rican and Expat gardeners alike, what can I do about my hard, red clay soil? Nothing...

Wormseed: A Stomach Remedy in Your Costa Rica Garden

It’s good to have an old friend return to my tropical garden. As most gardeners know, there’s an ebb and flow of plants that reside...

Costa Rica Asks for Financial Help to Deal with Wave of Migration

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves asked Wednesday at the Davos forum for financial support so that the country can continue to be "just as...

A Costa Rica Expat’s View on Driving in Costa Rica

Are you tired of driving on smooth, well-maintained roads with clear signage and courteous drivers? Are you looking for a truly thrilling driving experience?...

Travel + Leisure Names Costa Rica among Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, Costa Rica has one of the best places in the world to practice diving: Cocos Island."Costa Rica's Cocos...

Space junk, not meteorites, remains biggest threat to spacecraft

Dodging the kind of meteorite strike that forced Russia to plan a space station rescue mission is nearly impossible, yet the greater threat to...