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Eco-Friendly Bug Control Tips for Costa Rican Gardens

HOME GARDENING: Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt shares two newfound solutions to dry-season bugs: homemade sticky traps and insect spray.

A closer look at a Costa Rica New Year’s Tradition

Costa Ricans are fond of Santa Lucía flowers and have an interesting tradition of bestowing bouquets of these flowers to friends during the New Year to ensure prosperity.

Squash in Costa Rica that tastes like cantaloupe?

We’ve been enjoying a harvest of one of our favorite novelty squashes of the tropics. Known as musk cucumber in English, its common name here is Cohombro (Sicana odorifera). This is one of the most unusual plants in the tropics.

Costa Rican Ayote Squash Shines in Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Although Halloween pumpkin pie may not be a tradition in Costa Rica, pumpkin squashes are definitely alive and well here. Of course, they don’t...

Your Guide To Growing Broccoli In Costa Rica’s Higher Elevations

Oh, how I envy the highland gardeners who can dine on freshly picked broccoli from their gardens. What a special taste broccoli adds to...
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Costa Rica Ministers Push for Mining Code Reform Amid Environmental Concerns

Costa Rica President Rodrigo Chaves and several ministers met yesterday with deputies from various political parties to discuss mining in Crucitas. The government seeks...

Iconic Costa Rica Bridge to Pacific Coast Nears Completion

Excellent news for those traveling between Guanacaste and San Jose: the Amistad Bridge over the Tempisque River is 99% complete and will be inaugurated...

US President Joe Biden Ends Reelection Bid: Impact on 2024 Race

US President Joe Biden announced Sunday that he was dropping out of his reelection battle with Donald Trump, in a historic move that plunges...