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Squash in Costa Rica that tastes like cantaloupe?

We’ve been enjoying a harvest of one of our favorite novelty squashes of the tropics. Known as musk cucumber in English, its common name here is Cohombro (Sicana odorifera). This is one of the most unusual plants in the tropics.

Costa Rican Ayote Squash Shines in Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Although Halloween pumpkin pie may not be a tradition in Costa Rica, pumpkin squashes are definitely alive and well here. Of course, they don’t...

Your Guide To Growing Broccoli In Costa Rica’s Higher Elevations

Oh, how I envy the highland gardeners who can dine on freshly picked broccoli from their gardens. What a special taste broccoli adds to...

Grow Tropical Ayote Squash in Costa Rica’s Rainy Season

During the last quarter of the year, the rains in most regions of Costa Rica are often overwhelming, particularly for gardeners. Even so, there...

Costa Rica’s Vibrant African Tulip Tree Adapts Well as Ornamental

With its brilliant reddish-orange blossoms evoking its namesake flower, the African tulip tree is one of the most striking and widely recognized ornamentals in...
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China Bans Guatemala’s Coffee and Macadamia Imports

The Guatemalan export guild affirmed this Thursday that China prohibited the import of coffee and macadamia shipments from the Central American country without giving...

Keylor Navas Bids Farewell to the Costa Rican National Team

Goalkeeper Keylor Navas announced his retirement from the Costa Rican National Team. Navas published a heartfelt message on social media on Thursday in which...

Amnesty International Alarmed by Persecution of Female Justice Officials in Guatemala

Amnesty International (AI) described this Thursday as "alarming" the persecution suffered by female justice operators and human rights defenders in Guatemala who fight against...