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Ed Bernhardt


How to Avoid Snake Bites in your Garden or Yard

Just the mention of snakes makes most of us squirm with a bit of fear, and seeing one face-to-face can push the panic button....

Naranjilla: How to Grow in a Costa Rica Highland Garden

Here’s another curiosity plant that’s a specialty for highland gardeners. You may be familiar with naranjilla, a popular fruit drink in Costa Rican sodas...

How to grow your own pejibayes in Costa Rica (and make the ultimate rainy-season soup)

Visitors to Costa Rica during the rainy season will come across the pejibaye harvest in local markets.  This unusual fruit comes from a tropical...

What are Diatoms and how are they used in Costa Rica?

A key ally in natural pest control is now available in Costa Rica.

7 Homemade Pest-Control Recipes for the Costa Rica Rainy Season

As the tropical rains increase in Costa Rica during the year, so do the bugs - and for the gardener, that can spell trouble.  Most...

How to Plant a Tropical Tree in your own Backyard

HOME GARDENING: Harnessing the goodness of the soursop tree and its spiky guanábana fruit.

Homegrown Cas for a Delicious Costa Rica Fruit Drink

Many sodas (mom-and-pop cafés) and homes around Costa Rica serve a natural fruit drink called fresco de cas. The cas fruit is blended with...

In Costa Rica, Multipurpose Chiles Provide Beauty and Spice

In Costa Rica, the chile pepper is very popular with the locals, particularly as an ornamental plant that doubles as a spicy condiment for...

Learn to grow and cook the low-maintenance pigeon pea in Costa Rica

During the dry season in Costa Rica, when the vegetation turns brown and the soil hardens, it’s difficult to grow any crops. But there...

A Gardener’s Guide to the Costa Rican Rainy Season

The rainy season is the perfect time to start, or rejuvenate, your tropical garden. Ed Bernhardt shows you how.

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