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Ed Bernhardt


How to Plant a Tropical Tree in your own Backyard

Since June 15 was celebrated around the planet as tree day, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a special tree you can...

Eco-Friendly Bug Control Tips for Costa Rican Gardens

HOME GARDENING: Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt shares two newfound solutions to dry-season bugs: homemade sticky traps and insect spray.

A closer look at a Costa Rica New Year’s Tradition

Costa Ricans are fond of Santa Lucía flowers and have an interesting tradition of bestowing bouquets of these flowers to friends during the New Year to ensure prosperity.

A Healthy Costa Rica New Year: Blended Green Juice

Here’s a healthy idea for the New Year: make green juices for boosting your health and vitality. Everyone can take advantage of these healthy...

The Magical Night-Blooming Cactus in Costa Rica

Here’s one of nature’s most magical plants: the night-blooming cereus cactus, or pitahaya in Spanish. If you like watching the splendor of the evening...

Sustainable Living in Costa Rica Starts in the Home Garden

I came to Costa Rica a long time ago to live close to nature, and those years have been the most rewarding of my...

Natural Bug Solutions for Any Costa Rica Garden

It’s that time of year again in the tropics, when the rain and the insects come out big time. Outdoors folks are always trading...

Wormseed: A Stomach Remedy in Your Costa Rica Garden

It’s good to have an old friend return to my tropical garden. As most gardeners know, there’s an ebb and flow of plants that reside...

How to Avoid Snake Bites in your Garden or Yard

Just the mention of snakes makes most of us squirm with a bit of fear, and seeing one face-to-face can push the panic button....

Tropical Squash: A Great Provider in a Costa Rica Garden

If there were one word to describe tropical squashes, that word would be abundance. If you would like to have an abundance of food...

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