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Ed Bernhardt


7 Homemade Pest-Control Recipes for the Costa Rica Rainy Season

As the tropical rains increase in Costa Rica during the year, so do the bugs - and for the gardener, that can spell trouble.  Most...

How to Plant a Tropical Tree in your own Backyard

HOME GARDENING: Harnessing the goodness of the soursop tree and its spiky guanábana fruit.

Homegrown Cas for a Delicious Costa Rica Fruit Drink

Many sodas (mom-and-pop cafés) and homes around Costa Rica serve a natural fruit drink called fresco de cas. The cas fruit is blended with...

In Costa Rica, Multipurpose Chiles Provide Beauty and Spice

In Costa Rica, the chile pepper is very popular with the locals, particularly as an ornamental plant that doubles as a spicy condiment for...

Learn to grow and cook the low-maintenance pigeon pea in Costa Rica

During the dry season in Costa Rica, when the vegetation turns brown and the soil hardens, it’s difficult to grow any crops. But there...

A Gardener’s Guide to the Costa Rican Rainy Season

The rainy season is the perfect time to start, or rejuvenate, your tropical garden. Ed Bernhardt shows you how.

A Handy Herb for any Costa Rican Garden

This hardy, wild plant requires average soil and has no major pest problem. Keep in mind that chanca piedras isn’t a magic bullet, but serves as an aid in the treatment.

Planting and Growing Hydrangeas: From Blue to Pink their Color Changes with the Soil

Costa Rican gardeners who live in the cooler regions of the country can enjoy planting hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla). Known as Hortencia in Spanish, Hydrangea is...

Canistel in Costa Rica: A Tropical Fruit Collectible

Here's a rare tropical fruit that rates high on the collection list of home gardeners. Canistel, yellow sapote, eggfruit or zapote amarillo are just...

Durian Fruit is in a Class of Its Own

When tropical gardeners gather to talk shop, the topic of durian fruit frequently comes around. Costa Rica is home to dozens of unusual, exotic...

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