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Costa Rica
Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Ed Bernhardt


An eco-friendly, medicinal garden secret in Costa Rica : Yellow Bells

This hardy bush is found in most regions of Costa Rica and easy to identify with its clusters of yellow, bell-shaped flowers and serrated, compound, pinnate leaves.

Hügelkultur: tricky on the tongue, amazing results in a Costa Rica garden

Ed Bernhardt explains an all-natural gardening technique that has at least one Costa Rican farm producing far more than before.

Hydroponic gardening in Costa Rica: How to get started

If this past dry season has been any indication of what’s to come in our future, climate-wise, we better get ready for alternatives for...

Cassava: Tropical Staple and Drought-friendly but Cancer-Busting?

Yuca, or cassava, is hardy and easy to grow, and may help fight cancer. Learn how to give it a try in this month's Home Gardening column.

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