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History makes Sibú chocolate tour even tastier

When we arrived at Sibú, Julio Fernandez Amón handed us a cup of hot chocolate. But this was not the Swiss Miss cocoa we...

Delicious take-aways from the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival

Confirming what we already knew, last weekend's Puerto Viejo Chocolate festival proved that chocolate goes well with everything.

Health Ministry shuts down Chocolate Festival

A large crowd gathered at Hot Rocks bar in Puerto Viejo Friday for the opening ceremonies of the third annual Chocolate Festival, only to have the event shut down by the Health Ministry. The community festival was planned to celebrate Puerto Viejo's re-emerging chocolate scene.

Puerto Viejo to host third annual chocolate festival

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is small beans compared to Puerto Viejo.

The journey of cacao, from bean to bar, in photos

A photo story exploring how cacao is grown and prepared on the Caribbean.

Costa Rica’s chocolate comeback

Before the Europeans arrived in the Americas on the hunt for gold, the region's indigenous people used money that literally grew on trees. The tiny brown seeds that came to be known as cacao beans held real value, and the Incas, the Aztecs and Costa Rica’s Chorotega people all used cacao as currency. For them, it was worth as much as gold.

Chocolate has new Latin America king as Ecuador edges past Brazil

Ecuador, where the fatty beans used to make chocolate have been grown since pre-Columbian times, is surpassing Brazil as Latin America's top cocoa producer after boosting planting and offering education programs for farmers.

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