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How to Write a Costa Rican Novel

  My first trip to Costa Rica was not of my own design. At least not initially. At the time I was a freelance location scout...

San Lucas: Here’s one prison in Costa Rica you might actually want to visit

Teatro Espressivo is offering tours of San Lucas Island, plus a ticket to its play about life on the prison island, for $100.

From our archives: José León Sánchez on prison, the media and writing

Our 2005 interview with Costa Rica's renowned inmate-turned-author: José León Sánchez, whose 1963 novel is now onstage at Teatro Espressivo.

Robert Isenberg’s funny, moving ‘Green Season’ debuts

Former Tico Times reporter Robert Isenberg's "The Green Season" is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving book about his first year in Costa Rica.

What not to miss at this year’s International Book Fair

Highlights of this year's International Book Fair, now ongoing at the Antigua Aduana in Barrio Aranjuez.

Book exchange to ‘liberate’ paperbacks in Cariari

Like a bibliophilic scavenger hunt, the so-called World Book Liberation Day invites participants to scatter used books around the complex, and all of these editions are up for grabs.

Sea Shepherd publishes vegan cookbook

If you’ve spent any time on a ship, Raffaella Tolicetti’s descriptions of working a kitchen during rocky seas should sound familiar – although she has the added challenge of cooking while antagonistic vessels attempt to ram each other in Antarctic waters.

‘Cocorí,’ a racism debate, and a brief history of controversial children’s lit

Predictably, the disagreement has become a polarizing debate about racism versus censorship. In honor of this ongoing discussion, here are some examples of beloved children’s books that have caused controversy or fallen completely out of favor.

Free ebook anthologizes 25 Tico travel stories

The book itself describes all kinds of situations and morals, but one of its most striking aspects is the range of people represented.

‘Green Grows the Grass’ explores darker side of Costa Rican life

Smith spends so much time developing the Costa Rican context that it’s hard to tell where her story is going. But just wait: The intrigue thickens rapidly, accumulating characters and subplots with each chapter, and the denouement is a scene of horrifying violence.

Franklin Chang presents dry but earnest autobiography

Chang is the Horatio Alger of astronauts. He arrived in the U.S. with $50, he graduated from high school on schedule, and he (literally) reached for the stars. “Dream’s Journey” is not a breezy read, but it is a powerful social document, told by the same man who has lived this extraordinary life.
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