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H&M opens first store in Costa Rica

H&M opened its first store in the country on Saturday, August 20, at 10:00 a.m. in Multiplaza Escazú. According to a press release from the...

Octopus, Meat or Fruit? Origins of the Pulpería

When I first came to live in Costa Rica, I could only do my shopping in a pulpería, a small grocery store in which...

Holiday gift guide: A taste of Costa Rica, no matter where you are

Here are some Costa Rica-themed gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself!). 

Now in Costa Rica: Amazon direct delivery

Customers can download the Amazon Shopping app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Shopping In Managua can save you money but may cost you time if you don’t read this

Shopping in Managua, Nicaragua, to stretch dollars and get away from Tamarindo for the weekend, my wife and I were in for an adventure.

Most Ticos still prefer pulperías to grocery shopping

While large numbers of Ticos still prefer their corner stores, preference for grocery and convenience stores more than doubled from 12 percent in 2015 to 27 percent this year.

Crate & Barrel to invest $4 million in its first Costa Rica store

Investors said they chose Costa Rica “thanks to its political stability, its workforce availability and the competitiveness of the local market.”

Finance Ministry issues warning ahead of shopping season

The Finance Ministry this week reported that problems with Customs duties in the past year resulted in the seizure of thousands of packages, most of them online purchases made between October and December, boosted by Black Friday and Christmas.

Arts, culture and Mother’s Day: the week ahead in Costa Rica

In this Mother's Day edition of our Calendar, check out live music, art, dining and a Pancha Carrasco celebration (what's that? Read on).

VIDEO: Holalola captures Costa Rican life with wit and whimsy

The popular Holalola brand began as artist Priscilla Aguirre's rebellion against trite images of Costa Rica in favor of an offbeat, urban approach, and has become a delight for Costa Ricans and tourists alike.

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