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Costa Rica has world’s most efficient government, study shows

Costa Rica has the world’s most efficient government, a new study has found.

Startled researchers discover Costa Rica is, in fact, an island

A team of researchers from the University of Costa Rica has made a stunning discovery.

Native animals return to Costa Rica as coronavirus forces humans indoors

Something extraordinary is happening in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s road safety problems exposed as ‘The Bachelor’ star suffers gruesome vehicular injury in La Fortuna

The Bachelor aired an episode set in Costa Rica, setting aside petty drama to expose the country's issues with roadway safety.

Year in Review: Our most popular stories of 2019

It has been an entertaining and newsworthy 2019 for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica wins prestigious award for road quality

Costa Rica has won the Global Road Achievement Award, awarded annually by the International Road Federation (IRF).

Costa Rica’s Sloth Kong responds to #StonerSloth anti-marijuana campaign

A new ad campaign by the New South Wales government in Australia to convince teenagers not to smoke pot has gone viral globally – and that's probably not a good thing. In fact, you might have to be stoned to appreciate it.

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