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Our Man in La Carpio: A Costa Rica Travel Story

When Fred comes in hot, all bets are off. I had been watching Apocalypse Now for the fortieth anniversary. My mistake, apparently. Fred sounded...

Riots Break Out in Costa Rica’s Infamous San Jose Barrio La Carpio

Just over two weeks ago an estimated 800 families entered into La Carpio to occupy a vacant property adjacent to the San Jose neighborhood. The vacant...

World Cup 2018: Two Costa Rican fans travel to La Sele’s rival countries

The pair will spend 15 days in Serbia, Brazil and Switzerland.

PHOTOS: Nicaraguans in Costa Rica on protests in their home country

For many people in La Carpio, the news from Nicaragua is a source of pain and fear.

Textiles for change: La Carpio enterprise sews with a purpose

What began as a series of workshops is now a small business.

By the community, for the community: measuring progress in La Carpio

La Carpio residents are being trained to be researchers in their own community.

The dream of a community called La Carpio

The name Escuela Finca La Caja, for a long time, was emblematic of the community's longing for learning.

PHOTOS: La Carpio opens new school, 23 years in the making

A new facility to replace the infamously overcrowded primary school in La Carpio, one of Costa Rica’s biggest slums, has been in the works for more than two decades.

5 questions for rising stars from La Carpio

Two La Carpio students began classes at SIFAIS as a way to fill their weekends. Today, they say the program has changed their lives.

Faces of Sunday’s vote in and around La Carpio

Many from La Carpio's youth and migrant communities came out as volunteers to help at Saturday's elections.

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