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How to get by on a shoestring in Costa Rica: The story of Banana Bread Steve

A while back I met Steve, who had lived in Hawaii for many years. He moved to Costa Rica because Hawaii had become very...

How to retire as cheaply as possible in Costa Rica

Some tips for cheaper living in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is Fantasy Island for some expats

Airing from 1978 to 1984, Fantasy Island was a television starring Ricardo Montalbán as Mr. Roarke, the overseer of a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean, where people from...

Beach vs. Central Valley Living in Costa Rica: What’s the Difference?

Costa Rica has some of the of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When the country is mentioned, most people visualize themselves sitting...

5 Top Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

Whether you are planning to move to another country due to retirement, a change in environment, or for whatever reason you have, Costa Rica...

Did You Inherit a Property in Costa Rica?

Inheriting a property in Costa Rica may sound like a great deal. However, if you are the executor, you’ll now be in charge of what can be a bit of a puzzle.

6 Reasons to Start Gardening in Costa Rica

Whether you've got a lot of space or a little, a green thumb or knack for killing plants, "Home Gardening" columnist Ed Bernhardt explains why this is the time to plan your Costa Rican garden.

Costa Rica Immigration Requirements – The Police Record Affidavit

One of the main documents that people have to provide to the Costa Rica immigration authorities when requesting residency is the so called “police...

How Can I Immigrate to Costa Rica?

Back in September 2016, when we lived in a completely different social environment, not yet affected by the global pandemic, the United Nations Organization...

Owning Property in Costa Rica – What You Need To Know

Owning and holding property in Costa Rica has been and still can be a legal challenge, especially if there are title issues, if the...
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