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5 Top Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

Whether you are planning to move to another country due to retirement, a change in environment, or for whatever reason you have, Costa Rica is one of the best options to consider. This country in Central America borders the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean, which guarantees gorgeous beaches if you want to live on the coast.

If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with its natural beauty, including its lush trees and high mountains. Besides its stunning nature, there are many more reasons to choose Costa Rica as your new home.

It’s multicultural

One of the challenges of moving to another country is the adjustment you need to make because of culture differences. While there will still be some adjustments, it wouldn’t be as much as it would be compared to other countries since Costa Rica is multicultural. In addition, several expats live here, so people are used to it. Plus, Ticos (as Costa Ricans are called) are friendly, such that they will treat you as a friend or family.

It has an excellent and affordable healthcare system

The healthcare system in the country is outstanding. Private healthcare is also cheap, even for foreigners who choose to live here. The quality and cost are also why many people from different countries fly here to seek various medical services, including surgery and treatment.

It has a low cost of living

Compared to other countries in the Americas, Costa Rica has a low cost of living. Of course, it will still be up to you if you spend more, but you can live comfortably without spending a fortune. For example, a furnished apartment could cost an average of 750 US dollars. Food is equally affordable, especially if you cook your own as the locals do.

You may still treat yourself to a night out or dinner at a restaurant every now and then as this too doesn’t cost much. With the reasonable cost of living, you will have extra to spend on things you want, like perhaps a freestanding bath. The sizes of freestanding baths vary, so you can find one that will fit your bathroom. It’s an excellent investment as you can relax and soak in a warm bath after going on an adventure, as there are so many activities that you can do around.

It has a beautiful weather

The country has a dry and wet season. However, even on rainy days, the sun can still be up so that you can see it the entire year. It lets you enjoy outdoor activities no matter what day or month. You don’t have to wait for summer because it’s pretty much excellent weather to try things out anytime.

It has a stable economy

Its stable economy is one of the reasons why living in the country is also affordable. If you become a resident and should you decide to work in Costa Rica, there are several job opportunities to try. You can also start your own business even if you remain an expat, as it is allowed there.

Costa Rica is an excellent choice if you decide to move and live permanently in another country. It has a gorgeous environment, friendly people, expat support, and low cost of living.

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