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National Dance Workshop celebrates 41 Years at the Popular Teatro Melico Salazar

Taller Nacional de Danza will celebrate its 41st anniversary live at the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar. With choreographies of a great variety of dance genres...

Ballet Festival 2019 part of Costa Rica’s flourishing dance scene

A convergence of international ballet classes, performances and meetings manifests this week.

Millennial fitness in Costa Rica: Twerkshop

Jennifer Campos is a professional dancer with years of experience and one of the few Twerking specialists in the country. She has trained with the world’s best coaches and dancers. Through her academy, Twerkshop CR, she teaches the fitness class of twerking with choreography.

Ana Paula Rivera: The restless body and the art of dance

Ana Paula Rivera is a stage artist, yoga teacher, massage specialist, producer at the Heredia Symphony Orchestra and more. She's basically a restless human body.

Ballet performance raises funds for low-income patients and families

The performances will benefit the Fundación Casa Beatriz, which provides housing and support to low-income families who must travel long distances to San José to receive medical treatment.

5 questions for Costa Rican dancer Gustavo Hernández

Gustavo Hernández has developed various productions in which he has taught dance to groups that have suffered discrimination, including people with disabilities, the LGBT community and senior citizens.

Choreographer and former Costa Rican resident MaryLu Tosi dies at 91

MaryLu Tosi was ubiquitous on the Little Theatre Group stage during her years in Costa Rica.

5 questions for a Costa Rican belly dancer

"The most beautiful thing about belly dancing is the contribution to self-esteem." Passionate belly dancer Kerlyn Araya steps into our Weekend Arts Spotlight.

5 questions for a Costa Rican aerialist

Carolina Cabañas steps into our Weekend Arts Spotlight to explain why aerial dance is an infinite world of possibilities and creativity - and why it's changed every aspect of her life.

Art and culture at a glance: the week ahead in Costa Rica

A few of our favorite events from the week ahead.

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