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Costa Rica cuisine

How to grow your own pejibayes in Costa Rica (and make the ultimate rainy-season soup)

Visitors to Costa Rica during the rainy season will come across the pejibaye harvest in local markets.  This unusual fruit comes from a tropical...

Costa Rica Caribbean Cuisine: A Fusion of Flavors and Cultures

TASTE OF THE TROPICS: Coconut-infused rice-and-beans, rondón seafood stew, spicy patí and more await in Costa Rica’s Limón province.

Pejibayes in Costa Rica – The Ultimate Rainy Season Fruit

Visitors to Costa Rica during the rainy season will come across the pejibaye harvest in local markets. This unusual fruit comes from a tropical palm, often called peach palm in English, and has a starchy, orange mesocarp or midsection that is edible when cooked.

VIDEO: Rebooting Costa Rican cuisine at Al Mercat

Through his San José restaurant Al Mercat, Costa Rican chef José González wants to reinvent local cuisine, farm-to-table style.

Chifrijo-Gate moves forward as Costa Rica court to hear lawsuit against 49 businesses

Some businesses have followed the plaintiff's recommendations and currently are offering the popular boca under different names like "Chichifrijo," "Chifrijol," "El Innombrable" ("The Nameless") or simply "Chicharrón & Frijoles."

Chili cook-off heats up Atenas

Lots of chili, ranging from mild to flammable, was served up at the eighth annual Chili Festival in Atenas on Sunday. Twenty chili cooks...

Chicharrón Fair delicious, despite poor attendance

Despite the absence of toro bullfights and rusty rides, participants managed to find things to do.

Festival of Light, Egyptian dancers, and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place Dec. 12 – 18.

‘Chifrijo-gate’: a dish, a lawsuit, and the origins of a Tico classic

The news exploded this week: Miguel Cordero, a humble restaurateur, plans to sue 49 different establishments across Costa Rica, including some chain restaurants like KFC and Spoon. Cordero is demanding a total of $15 million in damages for one reason: He says he invented chifrijo, and everybody else has been cashing in on his recipe.

Ode to the (corn) tortilla

It is a cold and stormy night. We children are starving and dinner is almost ready. The meat is cooked, the rice is done....

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