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Quepos Costa Rica Gets a Facelift

Last weekend 40 artists and 20 children undertook a painting project (2 kms long) from the entrance to Quepos to the Pan-American Highway.  This...

The Life of Costa Rica Painter Francisco “Paco” Amighetti

On June 1, 1907, one of Costa Rica's most famous and influential artists was born within San Jose, the talented Francisco Amighetti Ruiz. Born...

Our #GreatestReadersOnEarth: Adrián Gómez

Adrián Gómez checks out our print edition.

5 questions for US photographer David Flynn

For three months, Flynn lived in León, Nicaragua, where he captured images of people’s daily lives. He now lives in Costa Rica, experiencing life as a retiree photographer.

Costa Rica’s ocean creatures inspire hand-crafted sculptures

Ken Dyer’s childhood playground was the small islands off the coast of Belize, and his deep love for the ocean has shaped his life's work as an artist.

5 questions for a U.S. aerial artist

"The work that we do is about cooperation. You get to see a group working together and you also get to see individuals taking risks and being courageous."

5 questions for a Honduran artist

"There’s a conviction that even though they’re in a precarious condition, there will always be a better tomorrow." Artist Pável Aguilar gives a voice to Honduran migrants in an exhibit now on display in San José.

5 questions for a French-African painter in Costa Rica

Painter Delphine Raveau, like many others, fell in love with Costa Rica and couldn't go away. Now, she calls it her home and her source of inspiration as an artist.

5 questions for Costa Rican tattoo artist Froy Vargas

"To me, it's an honor that someone wants to have my work on the body." Meet a young Costa Rican who is passionate about dot work tattoos.

5 questions for an English painter in Costa Rica

Artist and longtime resident Deirdre Hyde recalls her first visit to Costa Rica at 24 as the result of a British expedition's unusual rule. She's never looked back.

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