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Quepos Costa Rica Gets a Facelift

Last weekend 40 artists and 20 children undertook a painting project (2 kms long) from the entrance to Quepos to the Pan-American Highway.  This multi-day project gave new life and beauty to this avenue by painting a multitude of murals along its length. 

Several organizations worked together to make this happen: Mar a Mar association, Marina Pez Vela, Serenity Boutique Hotel, Pacifico Travel, The Committee of Boca Vieja,  National Artists of Optimum, Environment Committee and The Municipality of Quepos.

With special thanks to Conchita Espino, Andy Zapata, Marketa Zemanova and Petra Brinkoff. 

The day begins with a hearty breakfast at Serenity Boutique Hotel and a pep talk by Conchita.  After viewing the completed murals Conchita shared these thoughts. “I love all of the beautiful murals with the message to protect our oceans.  We are so grateful to the talented artists who have transformed what was before a drab last 2 kms. of El Camino de Costa Rica into a fun and meaningful finish.”

Then it’s time to create.  Many of the artists came from other parts of Costa Rica to donate their time and creativity to this project.  They left behind a lasting monument to their talent and their message.

The kids, organized and led by Petra, leave their mark as well.  The children had a wonderful time and as a result several of them have expressed an interest in learning more about creating art, which Petra is encouraging.  Petra added, “Art is my job, but really I am playing. If I can create purpose by playing with others, then the outcome will be a community with purpose”.

Andy Zapata said, “This project is very important for our community and the legacy we leave our children.  We feel like we are making our town cleaner and more beautiful while passing a message of hope to protect our environment.” Andy ended by saying she hopes this is the first of more such activities.

The art they left behind was amazing and inspiring.  .  “A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.” Salvador Dali

Whimsical.  Many of the artists have the same concerns that many of us do about the destruction man brings to Mother Earth each and every day.   And so the artists set out to remind us of consequences of our actions.  Thus the work focused on nature and a Save our Planet theme.  Giving us all something to think about.

Colorful and beautiful.  What started as an idea grew to involve almost 75 volunteers that made this art project become a reality.  The styles and form of the art varies from simple to complex, realism to abstract.  But they all contribute to the feeling that you are entering a community that cares about nature and the impression it leaves on every visitor.

The road into Quepos has been transformed from something you forget as soon as you pass it to a magical and beautiful surprise on each passing building.  To the organizers, the artist, the children and the many volunteers, the residents of Quepos thank you.

Gary Wallace
Gary Wallace
Managing Partner, Serenity Boutique Hotel

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