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Drought in Central America straining food supply of more than 2 million people

A drought affecting several countries in Central America has caused significant losses in crops, affecting more than two million people, warned the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Can Costa Rica save its bees?

Damage to bee populations has wide-ranging effects.

Latin America could feed the world, says IICA chief

Latin America has the agricultural potential to guarantee world food security, Manuel Otero, the newly elected director of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture...

Environment Ministry restricts operations at three pineapple farms

Ministry officials warned pineapple farmers that they must refrain from conducting any work that might have an impact on nearby wetlands, ponds, or protected lands.

Shaping Costa Rica’s food culture with tourism

How has travel and tourism affected Costa Rican cuisine, and how can we embrace local ingredients without shutting out the world?

A look at Costa Rica’s tomato revolution

The Tico Times visits the scientists behind Costa Rica's "super tomato," achieved through generations of natural cross-breeding.

Mexico takes Costa Rica ban on avocados to World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization will grant Costa Rica ten days to file a response, and the countries will then have 60 days to negotiate a solution on the ban on Hass avocados.

Costa Rican researchers develop new climate change-resistant beans

Nambí beans are tolerant to extreme drought conditions and high temperatures; they have a shorter production cycle and show more resistance to various diseases.

Hurricane Otto caused $15 million in losses for Costa Rican coffee sector

Strong gusts and heavy showers from the hurricane caused leaves, flowers, and coffee cherries to fall from the plants.

A quest to prevent the extinction of Costa Rica’s blue corn

Ligia Isabel Salazar is on a mission to create awareness about the social, cultural and nutritional value of Costa Rican blue corn.

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