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Tempisque River: History of neglect threatens Guanacaste people and environment

An investigation by The Tico Times and The Voice of Guanacaste into the management of the Tempisque River shows a history of neglect, faulty data and lack of enforcement of environmental and water regulations.

The Best Coffee in Costa Rica: Naranjo Wins Again

Judges named Francisco Mena of Monte Llano Bonito in Lourdes, Naranjo, the winner of the 2016 Cup of Excellence prize. This is the fourth time a farm in Lourdes has won top honors.

Police seize 20,000 contraband avocados at Panama border

Border police seized 20,000 pirate avocados at the Panama border on Thursday afternoon, the latest in the ongoing avocado saga that began when Costa Rica banned Mexican avocado imports a year ago.

Canada, Mexico win WTO nod for $1 billion in trade sanctions against US

Canada and Mexico won WTO approval Monday to impose some $1 billion a year in trade sanctions against the United States over its country-of-origin labeling requirement for beef and pork.

Costa Rica to step up carbon-neutral coffee production

Coffee fans will soon have another reason to buy Costa Rican brews. On Tuesday, officials from the Environment Ministry announced a new goal to convert 25,000 hectares of coffee plantations to carbon-efficient farms.

An arugula-growing farmer feeds a culinary revolution in Cuba

His goal, he says, is to give Cuban farmers a way to make a living at a time when so many have given up on it and moved to urban areas. "If we don't want foreign companies to come in and dominate Cuban agriculture all over again, that means we need to give Cuban families a way to stay on their farms," said Funes, who grew up at an agricultural research station where his father, a crop scientist, and his mother, a biologist, both worked.

Government promises solutions to local producers hurt by import prices

Casa Presidencial promised farmers an official proposal to address their concerns by Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Costa Rica’s avocado ban turns into a food fight

The fast food sandwich chain Subway found itself at the center of a quarrel over a ban on avocado imports in Costa Rica Thursday when the restaurant’s decision to temporarily stop offering avocado led to a stunt by Communication Minister Mauricio Herrera.

Costa Rica starts aid distribution to Guanacaste farmers stricken by drought

Several communities in the northwestern province of Guanacaste registered rainfall levels below 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) in May, the National Meteorological Institute reported. Drought conditions are expected to hit the province again starting next week.

Costa Rica experiments with aquaponics to fight drought

Water from an aquaponics system works as an effective fertilizer that reduces crops’ growing time by up to 50 percent and reduces water use by up to 90 percent, according to research from the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry.

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