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Costa Rica medical marijuana project sent to Sala IV

Costa Rica delayed the next steps with a bill that seeks to legalize medical marijuana and the production of hemp.

Costa Rica medical marijuana project advances

Costa Rica is taking the next steps with a bill that seeks to legalize medical marijuana and the production of hemp.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua renew migrant labor agreement

Costa Rica and Nicaragua renewed the binational agreement that allows the temporary entry of Nicaraguan workers to Costa Rica.

Authorities inspect 49 agriculture companies in Northern Zone, close 9

Plantations and packers of products such as pineapple and cassava operate in the Northern Zone, regularly employing undocumented migrants from neighboring Nicaragua. 

Terminal disease threatens citrus production in Central America

The first countries to see the presence of huanglongbing were Belize and Honduras in 2009. In 2010 it spread to Guatemala and Nicaragua, and in 2011 it arrived in Costa Rica.

Farmers protest in Costa Rica asking for debt relief

Some 350,000 families in Costa Rica, a country of 5 million inhabitants, work in agriculture.

Ministry of Agriculture to investigate pesticide poisonings

They presented with symptoms of headache, dizziness and nausea, among others, the Ministry of Health said. 

On bananas and the fungus that threatens global harvests

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) last week declared a national emergency after detecting a fungus that experts say threatens global banana harvests. Panama disease Tropical...

Central American countries raise alert about banana wilt

Experts warn wilt could cripple local economies.

Drought subjects Central America to pests, loss of crops and lack of drinking water

Nearly 300,000 Costa Ricans have water shortages and that number could increase, according to Alex Solis, head of the National Emergency Commission, which coordinates a committee to address the climate phenomenon.

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