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Tico Times #TBT

Coffee Photography: An Old Costa Rican Coffee Plantation

The country is rich in gold, silver and copper, but its chief trade is in coffee, bananas and bar-gold, and it has been called the Coffee Republic.

San José, Costa Rica: One of the first cities with electricity

In 1884, San José, Costa Rica, became one of the first cities in the world to be illuminated with electric lighting.

TBT: Costa Rica’s most famous crocodile

Nearly 10 years ago, Pocho the crocodile died of natural causes in Siquirres, Costa Rica.

TBT: Irazú Volcano’s two-year eruption

In March 1963, Irazú Volcano in Costa Rica began a period of eruptions that would last two years.

Throwback Thursday: 2006 Arenal Volcano lava flows

For years, La Fortuna's 8,000 residents made their peace with the consistently active volcano to form a delicate harmony.

TBT: Watch ‘Endless Summer II,’ the documentary that popularized Tamarindo

By the 1990s, Tamarindo and nearby surf spots — Witch's Rock, Ollie's Point — weren't exactly secrets, but the release of “Endless Summer II” really broke things wide open.

TBT: Pan Am Flight 421 crashes in Costa Rica on this day in 1980

On this day in 1980, a Boeing 727 operating Pan American World Airways flight 421 crashed short of Costa Rica's Juan Santamaría International Airport. 

TBT: Costa Rica’s National Stadium

The 35,000-seat stadium replaced its predecessor of the same name and location.

TBT: Costa Rica’s imposing Rio Grande railway bridge

The Rio Grande railway bridge is one of Costa Rica's most impressive architectural achievements

TBT: San José of decades past

Before it became the park we know today, La Sabana was Costa Rica's first international airport. This photo shows what that looked like —...

TBT: Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Costa Rica

We take a look back at a piece of Costa Rica history in another installment of  Throwback Thursday (TBT).
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