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Looking back at ‘LuisGui’ – the good, the bad, and the bee

A few memorable moments of the Solís Administration.

Video of President Solís swallowing a wasp continues to circle the globe

The curious event prompted laughter and praise around the globe - and even a comparison between Luis Guillermo Solís and Chuck Norris.

Cartago residents to President Solís: You’ve forgotten us

Residents of Costa Rica's old capital are angry at President Luis Guillermo Solís for not doing more to create jobs, improve infrastructure in the province.

Costa Rica’s president gets poor marks from business sector

Six out of 10 private employers in Costa Rica said they disapproved of President Luis Guillermo Solís at the end of his first year in office, according to a recent poll. Still, the survey results suggest moderate optimism among the business community about the country's near-term economic future.

Lawmakers to discuss eliminating prison sentences for blocking roads during protests

Lawmakers revived the bill to replace prison time with monetary fines for blocking roads the day before private chauffeurs or "porteadores" protested a new special taxi regulation by blocking public roads across the country, snarling traffic.

President Solís says no more road blockades

President Luis Guillermo Solís ordered roads cleared Wednesday evening of private chauffeurs staging protests. He blamed them for the difficult emergency response to a deadly accident, in which an injured child had to be transported by helicopter to the National Children's Hospital.

Costa Rica’s Solís prepares for his 16th trip abroad in a year

Christian Democratic Alliance lawmaker Mario Redondo presented a report also stating that “officials from 13 ministries have taken 1,654 trips during the first year of the current administration.”

Costa Rica president off to a rough start, survey says

More than 76 percent surveyed in a recent University of Costa Rica poll said they did not think Solís would be able to bring about the change he campaigned on.

Costa Rica’s culture minister sacked over failed international arts festival

Culture vice ministers Alfredo Chavarría Fennel and Carlos Luis Amador Brenes and FIA Director Inti Picado also were dismissed.

President Solís appoints 3 new ministers, new head of National Insurance Institute

Solís' Cabinet remake — and reshuffling – comes after five ministers and 16 high-level officials have either resigned or been asked to leave during the president's first year in office.
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