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Costa Rica
Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Protesters hold vigil at Plaza de la Democracia

Workers from the public sector attend a vigil at Plaza de la Democracia during a strike called by the unions to protest against a tax reform project in San Jose, Costa Rica on November 7, 2018.

Unions and government start talks to end strike

Representatives from the government and public-sector unions got together Wednesday in a preliminary meeting to seek an agreement to stop the general strike that has gripped the country since Sept. 10.

General strike enters second week; Legislative Assembly starts discussing tax-reform

Today marks one week since unions around Costa Rica called for an indefinite strike to protest a proposed tax-reform bill. Carolina Hidalgo, president of the Legislative Assembly, called on lawmakers to start debating the bill today as protests enter their second week.

Costa Rican government seeks agreement with unions to end strike

President Carlos Alvarado urged the Catholic Church and university presidents to serve as mediators in talks with the unions that have been protesting a tax-reform bill since Monday.

Costa Rican students, journalist denounce police aggression after protest

Córdoba says that while he was filming the scene with his phone, a police officer restrained him and hit him with a baton.

Uber drivers protest in San José

Dozens of Uber drivers protested in Costa Rica on Tuesday and blocked the traffic demanding the right to work, in the midst of police operations that prevent them from providing their service.

Nicaraguan government cracks down on doctors, thousands hit the streets

Thousands marched Saturday against President Daniel Ortega's government and his crackdown against doctors who treated injured protestors that Ortega calls terrorists.

Thousands march to back Nicaragua bishops after Ortega attacks

Thousands of Nicaraguans marched through their capital on Saturday in a show of support for the country's bishops whom President Daniel Ortega has accused...

More than 40 doctors fired from hospital in Leon

Authorities from the Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello Teaching Hospital (HEODRA) in Leon arbitrarily fired around 40 doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other workers this...

It’s been 100 days since Nicaragua’s heroic uprising started

An average of three Nicaraguans have been killed every day due to government oppression since the peaceful resistance started 100 days ago. The numbers vary...
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