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year in review 2015

Costa Rica meme makers, we applaud you

While there weren't as many major political scandals in Costa Rica in 2015 as in years past, there still was plenty of material for Ticos to do what they seem to do best – celebrate the absurd with satire and memes made viral on social media.

Costa Rica environmental news: 2015’s biggest stories

The biggest in Costa Rica environmental news in 2015.

Top Costa Rica business stories of 2015

The avocado war, the departure Alimentos Jack's and more: A roundup of Costa Rica's most relevant business stories during 2015.

Costa Rica’s biggest crime stories of 2015

In 2015 Costa Rica was the site of major drug busts, a first-of-its-kind sex tourism case and the rise of a serial killer. Here are the year's five biggest crime stories.

The winners and losers of Costa Rica in 2015

The headline says it all. Find out who we picked this year.

3 top stories in 2015 in the world of Costa Rica football

Keylor Navas, Eduardo Li and Paulo Wanchope kept things interesting this year in the world of Costa Rica football. Here's a recap.

The best of long-form journalism in 2015 from The Tico Times

The year's best long-form journalism from The Tico Times.

Costa Rica’s top 5 political fiascos of 2015

Let’s face it, it’s been a bruiser of a first year in office for President Luis Guillermo Solís.

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