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Tico Times Women of the Year: leaders who inspired us in 2017

From a journalist to an artist, from Nicaragua to Portugal to South Africa: we look back at some of our extraordinary interviewees this year.

In a flurry of pink, Costa Rica opens its first bank exclusively for women

Banco de Costa Rica has invested more than $8 million in the launch of the first five branches of Banca Kristal in the greater San José metropolitan area, and has announced plans to open at least 15 others.

Costa Rica marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with calls for action

San José’s Parque Nacional was filled with a sea of orange on Wednesday, as groups from across the country gathered for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day designated by United Nations resolution in 1999.

Street harassment critic Gerardo Cruz dies

Gerardo Cruz, the young Costa Rican man who became a national hero for boldly calling out street harassment of women, died at Calderón Guardia hospital Thursday.

Mom raises family by day, studies crime fighting by night

Between caring for three children, running the family pulpería and selling car accessories at the flea market, this Supermom somehow finds time to study for a degree in criminology.

‘I’m gonna find some girls, and we’re gonna rock’ – Meet The Caramels

“The Caramels” might have a sweet name, but there's nothing docile about their music. The five women who make up this new Costa Rican rock band have become stage-name sisters, sharing the same dulcet apellido.

Latin American women fight back against harassment

An online movement includes creative campaigns like "Whistle at Your Mama" in Peru, where Olympic medal-winning volleyball player Natalia Malaga threatened catcallers by sending their mothers to confront them -- complete with a humorous video that went viral.

Why we need International Women’s Day

We’ve come a long way toward recognition of full equality – but not far enough.

Farmers generate clean-burning fuel from coffee waste in Nicaragua

A clean, affordable fuel source for coffee farmers here in the remote hills outside Yali, Jinotega was a byproduct of a of a wastewater management pilot program in Nicaragua sponsored by the sustainable-certification labeling organization UTZ Certified with support from the Dutch government. Along with purifying the acidic wastewater from the coffee milling process, the so-called biogas is helping improve the quality of life for many small farmers here.

PHOTOS: Thousands march to speak out against violence targeting women (and men)

Demonstrators carried signs proclaiming, “Si te agrede no te quiere,” (“If he attacks you, he doesn’t love you”) and our personal favorite, “No soy su reina, cabrón” (“I’m not your queen, asshole”).

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