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Video of sloth giving birth in Costa Rica goes viral

Social-media posts showing a three-fingered sloth giving birth went viral this week, earning appearances on National Geographic and on the front page of CNN.

Watch: Police chase interrupts video crew filming in San José

A video shot at Costa Rica's Parque de la Democracia in San José has gone viral.

Video of President Solís swallowing a wasp continues to circle the globe

The curious event prompted laughter and praise around the globe - and even a comparison between Luis Guillermo Solís and Chuck Norris.

WATCH: Costa Rican firefighters dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

On Wednesday, 25 Costa Rican firefighters shook off the funk of 40,000 years to dance to the iconic 1982 song in downtown San José.

VIDEO: Nicaragua drug suspect caught with large stash of horse manure

The suspect thought he was buying compressed weed. No charges were filed in the incident.

What does a sloth say?

Since I'm more robot than human, I asked a friend to express all the precious emotions that come from viewing this lovely new video full of squeaking sloths that will surely brighten your day.

Election video spurs angry responses

An anonymous group and the ruling National Liberation Party respond to video attacks.

Viral election video urges Costa Ricans to reject the historically dominant parties

University of Costa Rica students filmed in all seven provinces. The video has received more than 100,000 views in less than a week.

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