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WATCH: Costa Rican firefighters dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

You’ve seen Thai prisoners and countless flash mobs dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Well, Costa Rican firefighters apparently felt the need to stage their own rendition.

Wednesday, 25 Costa Rican firefighters shook off the funk of 40,000 years to dance to the iconic 1982 song in front of the Jade Museum in downtown San José. The firefighters put on the street show wearing their full gear for the opening of an exhibit at the museum commemorating the 150th anniversary of the firefighting service in Costa Rica.

The exhibit, which includes a simulation game where guests can put out a fire, and historical artifacts from the trade, costs ₡2,700 (roughly $5) to enter and runs from Wednesday, Sept. 2 through the end of October.

The firefighters’ show Wednesday was actually an encore performance of a previous dance they performed on July 26 at their official anniversary ceremony in San José’s Plaza de la Cultura.

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