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Video of sloth giving birth in Costa Rica goes viral

A group of lucky tourists in Costa Rica witnessed a rare sight — and video of the special moment quickly spread worldwide.

Social-media posts showing a three-fingered sloth giving birth went viral this week, earning appearances on National Geographic and on the front page of CNN.

In the video, the baby sloth dangles from the umbilical cord, but the new mother reacts quickly to pull the newborn back into her arms.

Watch the video, captured by Canoa Adventura tour guide Steven Vela, below:

Can’t see the video? Click here for a direct link. 

Sam Trull, director and co-founder of The Sloth Institute (and contributor to The Tico Times), told National Geographic she wished she could have seen the dramatic birth in person.

“I’m so jealous I wasn’t there to see it myself,” she said. “Of all the skills sloth need to have, now we know catching a slippery baby is yet another one.”

Maybe we’ll have to update her Tico Times story, “5 sloth facts explained.”

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