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What does a sloth say?

Since I’m more robot than human, I asked a friend to express all the precious emotions that come from viewing this lovely new video full of squeaking sloths that will surely brighten your day (if your human and not a robot). Here’s what she had to say.

From Jandi:

Oh my God. Oh my god.

I cannot begin to describe how many warm fuzzies this video gives me every time I watch it. As one would assume from the title, there are plenty of sloth squeaks. While these would most likely be annoying if taken out of context, in this video, where baby sloths keep coming at you until you can’t handle the cuteness, they only add to the adorableness (there has got to be a better word for that). If you’ve never held a sloth nor have had the desire to hold a sloth in your arms, this video will introduce you to a whole new world – one where you wish your life were full of furry, slightly grimy, smiling, darling creatures crawling towards you making squeaky noises. Also is the sloth in the final frame doing a stripper stretch?

Couldn’t have said it better myself. By the way, the sloth’s iconic stripper pose already has been commodified in T-shirt form.

This video comes from Lucy Cooke of Slothville, the home of the Sloth Appreciation Society. Cooke, made the video celebrate the U.K. publication of her book “The Power of Sloth” (called “A Little Book of Sloth” in the U.S.). Sloths in the video are from sanctuaries in both Costa Rica and Colombia.

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