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the world in costa rica

Don Wang: A bite of China in San José

The restaurant Don Wang in the middle of San José gives an authentic, elegant experience of Chinese food to the family.

Lama Thubten Wangchen: ‘You are so lucky to be Costa Ricans’

All the countries he visits become his home.

From New York to Costa Rica: ‘Costa Rica changed my entire life’

When you live in the United States, you’re constantly bombarded by politics... In Costa Rica I found a time and space where I could really just sit and be."

From France to Costa Rica: ‘Costa Rica is so privileged’

"We're lucky to live here," says Emmanuel Javogue of the Tamarindo Art Foundation.

The world in Tamarindo: an eclectic mix on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast

Sand, a calm ocean, palm trees, occasional crocodiles, and a vibrant community of Costa Ricans and expats: you'll find all that in the Costa...

Football legend Dave Rimington: ‘There’s a lot to like about Costa Rica’

"Between holding fishing tournaments in different locations and traveling a lot on my own, I find there is an awful lot to like about almost all of Costa Rica. For retirement I thought about looking somewhere up near Playas de Coco."

From Syria to Cartago: One immigrant’s four-generation family business in Costa Rica

Víctor Méndez tells the story of his great-grandfather, José Barguil, who came to Costa Rica from Syria in 1930.

5 questions for a U.S. poet in Costa Rica

The Tico Times talks to poet James Just, who moved from the United States to Costa Rica with his wife, Irina.

Museum inaugurates design exhibit featuring San José’s oldest shops

A new exhibit and tour takes visitors through the history of some of San José's oldest businesses, many of them founded by immigrants.

From Russia to Costa Rica: ‘This is a blessed country’

In this week's installment of our World in Costa Rica series, Vitalina Matrossova tells the story of how a family vacation to escape a Russian winter turned into a major life change.

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